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Tobi has been writing since the moment she could hold a pencil. Then, at 9 years old, when holding a pen became too painful due to a muscle-connective tissue disorder, she got a typewriter and has been clacking keys ever since. Blogging has always been a passion for Tobi, but she's never used it as a means for an income... until now. In her downtime, she can be found ghostwriting for - an addiction recovery website, drafting blogs about all things Ink for, blogging about our travels for Fresh Air, drafting her memoirs, or writing poetry and prose for her personal site; Blackwood Reverie. Tobi has a wide range of experience and interests, varying from beauty and fashion, psychology, sex and relationships, the arts, entertainment, food, and politics, and loves to research writing topics to get deeper understanding of topic materials. Regardless of the subject matter, Tobi brings passion and empathy to every project. 

From copy writing to blog contribution, ghost writing to advice columns, We're here to help with any written project you need assistance on.