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Princeton, NJ - Brooklyn, NY

While we were loosely planning this trip, we came across a campsite in Brooklyn at Floyd Bennett Field. We were both pretty stoked and bewildered at the idea of camping in Brooklyn, and had no idea what to expect. On our way to FBF, we looked into booking options so we could be sure we’d have a place to park. The website said, “reserve online,” but it also said “reservations for this campsite cannot be made online” so we decided to wing it. The kiosks at the entrance to the park were vacant, so we just parked in an empty spot, and figured if park security came by, we’d deal with it (they didn’t).

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Waldorf, MD - Edgewater Park, NJ with special guest: Middletown, DE

The GPS said it'd take a little over 3.5 hours. We took a route that's a bit longer than the suggested one, but we wanted to avoid traffic in Baltimore and DC, and figured the "longer" route would take less time overall. There's no way to know how long we would have sat in traffic if we took the suggested route, but we ended up spending our afternoon crawling though a bottleneck jam at the entrance to the Bay Bridge. The obvious downside was waiting for hours to be able to pay our toll and cross, but there were definite upsides, too.

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I Can't Make This Crap Up

On Thursday (May 17th) we woke up and got ready to head out of C-ville. We filled the water jug for our pump sink, emptied our grey water, took out the trash, and prepared to empty the port-a-potty for the first time. Kyle had been teasing me that morning that he "does all the work" (which, if I'm honest, he does do the bulk of the heavy lifting) so I volunteered to do the job that both of us had been dreading since we bought the bus.

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