If You're Not Changing, You're Not Growing - Why I'm Restructuring Our Blog... Again.

Hey there, Tobi here. Remember a few days ago when I said I was going to blog every single day, then I put out seven blogs in 3 days to catch up and haven't blogged since? I'd love to say it's because I consciously took the weekend off due to Memorial Day and am back at it fresh-faced and full of ideas, but the harsh reality is that I couldn't figure out what to write. 

On Saturday we went out to dinner with my sister Cali and brother-in-law Tony to celebrate the new mural Kyle painted on their chicken coop. As we left dinner, a woman stopped me to tell me she has been following me on Instagram for a while and is a big fan of my work. I'm a firm believer that compliments come when we need them the most, and that was entirely true in this case. Since we've been on the road, I've found the balance between creating inspiring content and producing "enough" content to be an ever-diminishing line atop which my klutzy ass is precariously perched. Starting a blog from scratch is daunting, especially knowing that there are so many millions of them out there. At times it feels like there are more blogs than people reading them, and I don't want to fall into the void. 

When we started Fresh Air, we had no idea what it would become; we just knew we could join forces to become something great. We are both creative, passionate people who love to travel, and have mental and physical challenges that we are tired of pretending don't exist. We travel and create as a way to cope with mental illness, and I try my damndest not to let my physical limitations stand in the way of a life full of adventure. I've known from the beginning that I wanted to blog about all of it, but as we built the bus and now live in it full time, I've struggled to find my voice. I started chronicling our journey, but it hasn't felt quite right. Content started feeling repetitive between the blog and vlog, and I wasn't sure who I was trying to appeal to. Am I writing for travelers? Bus dwellers? People with chronic illnesses or mental health issues? While each of these niches applies to me and I'm sure there's some overlap, I was having a hard time figuring out who our audience was, and so my posts were all over the board. 

I knew I needed a plan. The journal-blogging style I've focused on doesn't serve anyone. I keep a physical journal with me at all times, and we have been filming Day Vlogs to keep track of our day-to-day travels and experiences, so writing it all out here feels over the top. I want to separate this blog from our other content to give you an entirely new perspective and experience. I want to create content that isn't so much about Fresh Air as it is about sharing our experiences to help others. Through contemplation and examining what I want to achieve with this blog, I've realized that the ultimate goal is to help others who wish to travel and/or live minimally.  

From now on, I'll be doing things a bit differently around here. I'm working on building a blog schedule that will work well for everyone involved. While I would love to say "I write a blog a day," I want to come up with a schedule that both you, the reader, and I can stick to. I don't want to be putting out content just for the sake of posting it, any more than you want to read daily content that doesn't apply to you. Maybe we can compromise on a few days a week.  I *will* continue writing in my journal, and if it amounts to something, perhaps I'll publish that as it's own entity. I will also write travel tips, and reviews about our experiences that I believe will help people who are interested - occasionally these will include travel hacks for people with mental and physical challenges. I will write informally, as always, using my own voice and telling it like it is. I will sometimes write about living on a bus, about how we can change our impact on the earth, or review a great beer garden we visited. I will be open to advise and critique because I want this to be something YOU enjoy as much as I do. 

All of that being said, here's to another new beginning. Or rather, one more step in the right direction.

Feedback is my favorite! If you have ideas, thoughts, or critiques, feel free to leave it all in the comments below. I'm excited to share more with y'all, and would love to hear from you!