Why I Decided to Vlog Daily

  Sometime last summer, I put together a vlog and blog post about the importance of vlogging for my mental health. If you follow our content, you may remember it. Tobi and I, fighting the urge to stay inside, went to the art park in Detroit to paint a mural. The point of that post was to emphasize how carrying a camera and having the task of filming, made me more comfortable out in public. (read the full post here)

    It’s been two weeks now since I started daily vlogging. The amount of work that goes into trying to tell a compelling story with your day is quite a lot, and I knew this going into it. Some days you’re sluggish, or not entertaining. Some days you’d rather just lay low, and focus on other things. There are days that I whisper in my head, “you don’t have to vlog EVERY day” or “take the day off.” Knowing myself, I know that if I take a day off, it may be two, or it may be three, then it may turn into my life becoming something that isn’t worthy of sharing. 

    I believe my adventure with Tobi is a story worth telling. I think, whether it manifests or not, I should wake up every morning with the ambitions of living a great story. We are out here doing it. We live in a school bus that can go anywhere there is a road. True, there will be days that aren’t as exciting as some, but being conscious of that, and forcing a path to a more fulfilled day is the goal. My anxiety will always want me to stay on the bus and work. The day vlog forces me to find something exciting to do every day for at least a few hours. Film it, share it with the world. 

    I am still learning. I hope to always be learning. How to tell a great story. How to live a great story. Every morning I sit and edit what happened the day previous, and I learn what to shoot, what not to shoot, and what is engaging content. The worst are the mornings I edit everything together and realize it’s just not enough. The story isn’t exciting enough. Do I scrap it, keep it only for myself? Or do I post sub-par content?

    I have thoughts: “Why do this for only a few views on YouTube. Is this too much content for people to consume. Are you flooding your viewers with content? Do you really want to include another walk-thru of a grocery store?” Well, the truth is, we live out of a cooler. There is only so much food you can store. We get groceries 2-3 times a week. When thinking about who consumes our content, I would like to say at this point, it is mostly family and friends. However, van/bus lifers stumble upon our channel, and they appreciate seeing what happens in the day to day living on the road. 

    There is a reason this post is going up. I wanted to really just sit back and talk these things out with myself, figure out what the best path is for me. I am now a content creator, and that is what I do with all of my time. Editing my video about painting the chicken coop, I realized that it was a short story, with no real conclusion. I worked all day till two, decided it was time to film something worth telling and did. However it was brief, and I didn’t shoot a conclusion. Instead of scrapping it, I shot a closer briefly explaining what I am saying here, then proceeded to write this blog. 

    I will continue to battle this daily vlog thing. I will continue to try and make everyday worth telling. So please, if you consume my content, tell me in the comments, if I wasted your time, or if you enjoyed said video. I start a mural soon in Charlottesville. After that Detroit, and then it could be anywhere there is a wall to paint. When we are traveling, the content is (in my opinion) fantastic. When we are parked, the story is slow and uninteresting. Conclusion: Keep Traveling!

    We will continue to travel and produce content because I want to live a great story.