Princeton, NJ - Brooklyn, NY

67 Miles, 1 hour 45 min. 

As with most mornings, Sunday started with cleaning the bus. It’s wild how out of control it gets in a couple of hours with just two people. One of the many reasons owning less is more when it comes to tiny living. Everything truly has to have a place, and as soon as you’re done with it, you’d better put it away. Cleaning the bus is a one person job, since there isn’t a ton of room to move around, so this particular morning, I took the reigns on washing dishes and sweeping up while Kyle took advantage of the wifi at a Starbucks nearby.

While I had the bus to myself, I used to opportunity to take some quick self-portraits/product shots of a beautiful amethyst pendant Fragile Beings sent me recently. I used to take self-portraits weekly, if not daily, but I slowed down a lot last winter while we were cohabiting with Kyles parents. Now that we’re on the road, I’m happy to be getting back into it. Agatha has windows all the way around, which makes for some pretty spectacular lighting!

When I finished my chores and duties in the bus (and finally located the makeup bag I thought I’d left at Izzy’s the night before) I joined Kyle at the Starbucks to get some work done while he uploaded vlogs from the day before. After we’d put in a few hours of work, we had a decision to make: Do we drive up to NYC today and try to find a place to sleep, or do we wing it in the morning? Brooklyn was our final destination on this little photoshoot road trip, and we were both so excited to see and shoot with Ann Marie Amick. We were not as enthusiastic at the prospect of driving Agatha in NYC. We decided to get on the road since we didn’t have any other obligations that day. 

The drive to NYC was relatively easy - no time-consuming traffic jams or bottlenecked bridges. We did encounter a possibly closed bridge and altered our route accordingly which added on some time, but overall the drive into the city was tame. 

Once we got into Brooklyn, there were signs indicating a 10’6” bridge clearance on the beltway that would have taken us to our potential camp spot. We aren’t *exactly* sure what our height is, but we know we aren’t comfortable attempting a clearance lower than 12’ to be safe. Agatha is roughly 10’, but with the solar and fan she’s closer to 11,’ and we’d rather keep those things attached.

While we were loosely planning this trip, we came across a campsite in Brooklyn at Floyd Bennett Field. We were both pretty stoked and bewildered at the idea of camping in Brooklyn, and had no idea what to expect. On our way to FBF, we looked into booking options so we could be sure we’d have a place to park. The website said, “reserve online,” but it also said “reservations for this campsite cannot be made online” so we decided to wing it. The kiosks at the entrance to the park were vacant, so we just parked in an empty spot, and figured if park security came by, we’d deal with it (they didn’t).

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 2.57.58 PM.png

The RV camping at FBF is basic, pretty much just a large concrete parking lot (it was formerly an airplane tarmac and currently also serves as a drag racing course). There were no electrical, sewer or water hookups, but that’s fine with us as we’re self-sufficient. It was bizarre at first, pulling up to this big concrete lot to “camp” but it wasn’t any different from the Walmart camping we’ve gotten accustomed to in that regard. What did set the campsite apart was that it was situated right on the water. This was the first time Kyle and I have been to a beach together, so I was pretty excited about it. The weather was perfect, and it was pretty incredible to be able to see the bay from our own windows. 

brooklyn beach-2.jpg
brooklyn beach.jpg

As the park started to wind down for the evening, a Sprinter Van/Winnebago pulled in beside us. Having spent the better part of six months building Agatha out, we get pretty geeked on other peoples rigs. The owner got out (along with his dog) and introduced himself. Meeting Mark was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Hailing from Austin, TX, Mark was probably as old as Kyle and I put together, and twice as cool. He’s the owner of a bike shop and was in town with his blind, deaf dog Shorty to raise some hell against a company that was taking advantage of small businesses. It may be my punk rock roots or my nomadic spirit, but talking with Mark ignited a spark in me that I had only assumed dimmed with age. One of the things I’ve looked forward to the most with this journey is meeting new people, and this meeting was definitely one for the books. We all talked for a few hours and gave each other tours of our mobile homes, and turned in for the night. The next day was Monday, and we had photoshoot/lunch plans with Ann Marie Amick, so we definitely needed our beauty sleep!