Waldorf, MD - Edgewater Park, NJ with special guest: Middletown, DE

179 miles (total), 6.4 hours

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Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.55.01 PM.png

On Friday night, after shooting with Jason McNeil, we hit the road to South Jersey to meet up with J. Isobel De Lisle (aka Izzy) for a photo session at her studio. The GPS said it'd take a little over 3.5 hours, which seemed doable, even after a shoot. We took a route that's a bit longer than the suggested one, but we wanted to avoid traffic in Baltimore and DC and figured the "longer" course would take less time overall. There's no way to know how long we would have sat in traffic if we took the suggested route, but we ended up spending our afternoon crawling through a bottleneck jam at the entrance to the Bay Bridge. The obvious downside was waiting for hours to be able to pay our toll and cross, but there were definite upsides, too. 


Seeing people wave and add us to social media as they slowly pass never gets old. We love seeing faces light up as they try to figure out what our wacky colored bus is doing in their neck of the woods. It's especially satisfying when we get comments or messages from people sitting on the highway with us (plus, it's an added incentive to drive well - the people around us know how to get ahold of us if we don't!) The bridge itself was beautiful, too! I've never been on the Bay Bridge before, but it was so massive that it was impossible not to be in awe. 

By the time we got off the bridge, we had been on the road for 5.5 hours and were only halfway to our destination. We were utterly exhausted, and still had work to do. We drove up the road a bit further and decided to call it a night in the most exciting named place ever - Middletown, Delaware. Honestly, after being in the bus for that long, a not-so-exciting spot was just what we were in the mood for (no offense, Middletown. I'm sure you've got plenty going on). We decided to hunt down a Starbucks and set up camp while we worked (and drank copious amounts of coffee, of course). After we finished, we went down the street to snooze in a nearby Walmart parking lot, with the intention of completing the drive to Edgewater the following morning. 

Saturday morning came, and I could hardly move. I live with a chronic pain condition (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), and this morning I had a terrible flare up. Every joint in my body felt like it was on fire, and I couldn't fathom getting out of bed. I had been (and was) so excited to see Izzy though, and I knew that it was now or never. I decided to push through the pain and go through with the shoot as planned, even if it meant not being to function the following day. We packed up the bus, told Izzy we were coming, I took some Tylenol, and we headed up the road to Edgewater Park.