Hocking Hills

One of the greatest things about living mobile is having the ability to pick a random spot on a map and go explore. Pretty early in the planning process, we knew that one of our first stops on the road would be Charlottesville, VA to see my sister Cali and her husband, but we wanted to take our time getting there, taking in some sights on the way. 


Enter Hocking Hill State Park. Located just off the route between Fort Wayne, IN (where we spent our first night) and Cali's house, Hocking Hills seemed like the perfect spot to hike and photograph along the way. 

We did a little bit of research the night before we headed to Hocking Hills, finding a few attractions we wanted to be sure to explore. The first was the popular Old Man's Cave. It was such a gorgeous day, perfect weather for a hike. There were a few people around enjoying the sites, but it wasn't terribly crowded, considering it was a Wednesday at the beginning of the season. 

The FA Fam in Old Man's Cave

The FA Fam in Old Man's Cave

Another spot we were excited to visit was Cantwell Cliffs, located about 17 miles up State Route 374 from Old Man's Cave. Cantwell was a bit more intense of a hike, with steeper inclines and more rocky hills, but man, was it worth it. One of my favorite features was "Fat Lady Squeeze", a very narrow slit between two rock faces. As we passed through the Squeeze we ran into a tour group and found out that there is a way around it, for those with claustrophobia issues. Whether through or around, it definitely makes for good photos. 

Fat Lady Squeeze

Fat Lady Squeeze

Both Cantwell and Old Man's Cave featured exquisite waterfalls, beautiful rock formations and plenty of moss covered rocks and freshly sprouted greenery. After a long winter without much physical activity (aside from building the bus), exploring Hocking Hills was a great way to warm up our hiking muscles. 10/10 would recommend!

After hiking through Hocking Hills, we set our sights on another beautiful state park along the route; Seneca Rocks State Park in West Virginia.

We talk about the road leading up to Hocking Hills on our Podcast, or you can enjoy the visual experience on our YouTube. Stay tuned for more photos and stories of our adventures!

Where else should we be sure to add to our travels? What's your favorite State or National park? Leave a comment below and let us know!