Perspective is Key

Bus life isn't always glamorous. If you watch our day vlogs, you'll see that a lot of our time is spent cleaning, grocery shopping because food doesn't stay cold long, cleaning, working on our computers, and cleaning. Temperatures are usually a bit extreme, and space is incredibly limited. That all being said, so far there is nothing about this life I don't love. Everything is always within arms reach, our house is super easy to clean, and it's ours. I love that we're able to just hit the road at a moment's notice, and load our groceries directly into our cupboards and cooler in the grocery store parking lot. It's amazing to have all of our belongings with us wherever we go, which makes going anywhere much easier. It's small, but that's what we wanted. It's super comfy and cute and I still smile every time I see her. 

As I was preparing to post this photo on Facebook, I thought about how a different perspective changes everything. 


Kyle took this photo in the middle of a rain storm in a Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot. Not the most glamorous of circumstances, but the photo turned out so spectacular. Watching Kyle take the photo offered another perspective altogether. He was so geeked on the idea of getting a lightning bolt behind the bus. The rain didn't bother him, the setting didn't matter. He was focused on capturing the shot, and excited about his work. The result is something beautiful and powerful, and a memory I'll never forget.