Storytelling is Key - Why Censoring My Vlog wasn't an Option

For the most part, the content Tobi and I release on our YouTube channel consists of a fun documentation of some of the adventures we go on. Some videos are day vlogs, while some delve more into weekend vacations or work trips. Today, I would like to share with you an episode that was uploaded for an hour and then taken down by request. The reason I would like to share it, is because I think it was the best episode I have created for the channel. Storytelling is essential, with all forms of creativity.

 TikoTalks Episode 3 – Day and Night (the lost episode)

10 years ago a switch went off in my brain that made it difficult to leave my home. I’m not going to get into this much, however I wanted to state that the night life isn’t a huge part of my recent lifestyle. The Fresh Air vlog we have been doing has been forcing me to get out to document as much as possible. I see it as a blessing. Anything that forces me to stay productive and experience new things outside of my comfort zone has been very rewarding.

So, what does this have to do with my lost episode. Well, I had a dear friend of mine visit one evening. I had a new piece of gear and wanted to follow him around and film an adventure for the vlog. Since he already had a small buzz and nothing going on that evening he was open to the concept. We jumped in the car and made our way over to Motor City Wine in Corktown, Detroit.

3 or 4 glasses of wine later we made our way back home with very little video footage other than me capturing his wildly drunken state. He spoke loudly about  his obsession for the American punk band “Against Me!” and how the bands founder/singer Laura Jane Grace (born Thomas James Gabel) recently came out with her book “Tranny”.

The night was full of deep conversation, and talk about anarchy, the state of humanity, and all other things a couple punks talk about over a bottle (or 2) of wine. I truly love this human. Our words bounce back and forth very fluidly and it’s always been very easy to connect with him. He’s the type of guy you could talk about suicide with all night without fear of judgement or calling the authorities.

Morning came, and needless to say i was feeling a bit rough. Drinking alcohol isn’t something I do often because nothing makes me more depressed and anxious than being hung over. I made plans to take photographs of my niece Isabel a few days prior so had obligations to follow through. This is normally the time I would cancel on such plans, however I used my new Fresh Air “get out of your comfort zone” mentality and left the house. I figured no matter what there was a story to capture, and ultimately I’d get to spend time with my sister and niece who I absolutely adore.

The mission was a success, for the most part. I got sick while at the park and suffered from a panic attack that only lasted about 5 minutes, but I powered through that. The photos were taken, they came out beautifully, and I was able to capture some video footage of Isabel as well.

In my mind, the story was very clear and complete. As an artist in a somewhat new space of creativity, the one of visual story telling, it all seemed very clear what the story was. There were some very beautiful contrasts between Nick intoxicated after a night of talking anarchy and transgender issues, and the innocence of Isabel playing at the park. The juxtaposition was quite beautiful on those two fronts, and both an essential part of the story. There just isn’t one without the other.

Please watch the lost episode below, and let me know what you think in the comments. For more content, head over the the Fresh Air YouTube channel and subscribe.

Thanks for reading!


I write content like this all the time, and would like to more. I’m sure it will come up again and again where people request I take content down due to their discretion.