Benefits of Vlogging - Overcoming Social Anxiety

Creating a day Vlog could be one of the smartest things a creative can do. It forces you to turn every day into a story. It is a different way to structure your time and over all outlook on the day to day. Vlogging has forced me jump into things I normally wouldn’t, or explore a location that I normally wouldn’t due to my anxiety. You want to capture things, and the more unique that thing is, the better the outcome of your Vlog. I am going to use my recent day vlog as an example for this piece.

Getting outside of my home is personally challenging. I’ve been programming my brain for years on mental excuses for just staying at home. There is a certain method for bouncing through life from one comfort zone to the next. This however doesn’t translate well into great story telling.

I had been wanting to get out and paint recently. I wouldn’t consider my self a graffiti artist, however I enjoy painting large pieces so I often find myself out on the streets. My desire to paint the streets isn’t enough to push through my anxiety and leave the house. Most things aren’t enough to penetrate that barrier, however, with a camera and an idea for something to document, that makes all the difference. Working has always given me a mental shield. It’s something to focus on instead of having my mind wander into all of the terrible things that have a .05% chance of happening to me.

As a quick example, whether you suffer from panic attacks or not, I’m sure you have heard people say they are bad in crowds. Yes, that is something I am terrible with. There is an electronic music festival every year here in Detroit that I used to love attending in my late teens early twenties. Once my anxiety became an issue, I stopped going because of the large wild crowds. Last year however, I had the opportunity to attend with a press pass. I was able to bring in my camera and access all the front and center press photo areas. There were definitely warning bells about accepting the gig, however I quickly learned 5 minutes into being on the festival grounds that just having my camera and the job to shoot photographs was enough to ease my mind. I had a blast, and captured some really stunning photos.  (full photo set here)

The desire to paint, plus the need for content for our YouTube channel, was the perfect combination. Tobi and I got ready, and shot over to the Lincoln Street art park, to find a very pleasant surprise. I will let the video itself explain the rest:



I feel like this concept can be applied whether or not you are interested in vlogging. If you’re having a hard time getting out and doing things, add alternate goals to that task. Adding small bits of motivation into one task could be just enough to get out and get the job done.