One Last Mural Before We Go

Today was the day. We told our friends we were leaving, I prepared my sister for our arrival, we said our goodbyes and cried our tears and packed the bus and planned our route and then...

wait for it...


It's incredible. This momentum is so unexpected and beautiful. It's like the stars all aligned and fortune looked down on us and was like, "Ok, this winter sucked it all out of you, it's time to get some of it back." I couldn't believe it when he told me (ok, yes I could, he's super talented), but I've finally picked my jaw up off the floor and I'm here to tell you all about it. 

This new gig is for a new restaurant downtown Detroit called Brome Modern Eatery & Balence. It's another amazing company whose ideals beautifully align with our own. Their website says it best, stating, "Every day we wake up and make a conscious effort to minimize the negative impact we have on our planet.... We encourage our competitors to mirror our business practices to provide a higher quality experience for their guests. We encourage our customers to visit our website to learn how to live more efficiently." As soon as you walk in the building, you just get the vibe that they care. I'll elaborate on that in a future blog, but let me just tell you we took a tour this morning, and we. are. PUMPED! Kyle just added the final touches to his preliminary sketch, and believe me when I say it's going to blow your mind (again). 

It was wild how serendipitously it all worked out. Oliver, the designer of the restaurant, saw a mural of architect Albert Kahn that Kyle did a few years ago, googled his tag "Wetiko" and landed on Kyle's website. From there, he contacted Kyle as we were preparing to leave town and told him about the space. Kyle sent a  proposal, and didn't hear back. After about a week, we figured they didn't accept his proposal so we got all our ducks in a row to leave, and literally 24 hours before we left town, they accepted his proposal and WE'RE OFF TO THE RACES!

Kyle starts on the mural tomorrow, and I'll be documenting every step of the way. He works quick, so make sure to follow along on Instagram @freshairvlog to get up-to-the-minute photos and video snippets. If you're in the area and simply cannot wait to get your hands on some Brome goodness, they do have an existing location in Dearborn, MI. Check it out so you can compare it to their new location in Detroit once it opens.