What I've learned living in a bus for a week

This past week has been a whirlwind. Kyle started and finished a huge mural project that threw both of our schedules for a loop, we completely overhauled our website including switching platforms, I crammed a 4-week business writing course into 4 days, and, oh yea, we moved onto the bus full time! 

Now, to be fair, maybe "full-time" isn't quite accurate yet. We did crash in Kyle's sister's spare bed one night, and at his parent's another, but the bulk of our time has been spent at the mural site or on the bus. It's pretty much as I expected, except for the fact that we're still in Detroit so the comforts of home are still readily available. There have already been some notable lessons learned though.

  1. It's easier to live on a bus full time than to live between the bus and a house. I'm constantly forgetting where I put things like my toothbrush, meds or makeup bags when I'm switching between the bus and someone's guest room. 
  2. I'm still not a morning person. I had the highest hopes of waking with the sun once I was surrounded by windows. Maybe it's just because it's still freezing outside, but I still don't love getting out of bed. Speaking of which...
  3. A good sleeping bag is LIFE CHANGING. Seriously. Our trial-run nights went exceptionally well, except for the fact that it was nearly impossible to keep warm. Once we moved onto the bus full time, I got a sleeping bag rated for sub-zero temps, and now I stay nice and toasty all. night. long. I bought the North Face Women's Cat's Meow sleeping bag, and I can't recommend it highly enough. 
  4. When emotions are high, you just gotta roll with it. Every blog I've read about co-mobile living agrees: when you're in high-stress situations with your significant other and you can't just walk out of the room when you disagree, you're forced to communicate. There's no way around it, and honestly, I prefer it so much. This week has been a challenge - sleeping weird hours, neither of us feeling well, adjusting to our new tiny space with the dog - and when I feel particularly challenged, I tend to dissociate, then meltdown. This has already resulted in a really good discussion on how we can hold each other accountable, and what we need to do in order for Fresh Air to thrive. Thankfully we were able to talk it out and get back to work.
  5. I save a lot of money when I don't have an address to ship impulse amazon purchases to. 

I'm excited to see what other lessons the road brings!