Happy Birthday Mama

I was brought up by strong women. My grandma, the ultimate matriarch, is smart, strong willed, and capable of anything, even at 4’10” and 86 years old. She is currently in the process of moving out of her home of 60 years, showing us all once again that she does whatever the hell she wants, and she doesn’t need a damn soul to help.

My mama is a different strong. She embodies a kind of strength that I appreciate deeper with each trauma, heartbreak, and disappointment I experience. Her brand of strength is more valuable to me than anything I own. My mamas strength is love. She is a woman who opens her heart so big and wide to all walks of life, no matter how many times it’s been trampled on. She has fostered animals and at-risk teens on multiple occasions, often feeding, clothing and homing them for years on end, in addition to raising and supporting her own 5 children.  As I get older and see the injustices in the world (some of which I have experienced alongside this very woman) her ability to stand up, dust off, and love harder and deeper has always given me the strength to move on. In a time when it is easy to become callous and cold, her vulnerability, undying support, and understanding is exactly the kind of strength the world needs more of. I am so grateful to have this woman to look up to, and today we celebrate another year of her life. Thank you for all the love you give mama, Happy Birthday 

Tobi Newson